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Stop Leak Molecule

SUPER STOP LEAK PLUS tm prevents comebacks, period!
That means more profit for installers and no headaches for consumers.

GWR’s new SUPER STOP LEAK "Plus" is specifically formulated to prevent leaks and repair existing leaks... while revitalizing gaskets and o-rings with patented lubricants. Because of its liquid consistency, you install it just like standard A/C oil. A technician simply uses an A/C oil injector tool to install through the low side service port but you can also draw it through the center tap on a set of manifold gauges, if you prefer. This means the system does not need to be evacuated to use our product, another time saver! Simply start the engine or system, turn the A/C to maximum cooling, install SUPER STOP LEAK "Plus" and recharge the system with R-134A, R-12, R22 or R410A as per the service manual. Make it part of your maintenance service... add SUPER STOP LEAK "Plus" to every A/C service and keep systems at optimum performance levels.


For those of you wondering, GWR Stop Leak Plus is not activated by air, moisture or Freon like the common products found at the Auto Parts store or HVAC supply houses!

It is not polymer based and will not harden. It simply remains as a base oil in the system after installation and never "converts" like the problem type sealants.

Beware of all Polymer Based Leak Sealers!

They all set by moisture or Freon contact and that means they will clog a system and or recycling machine once they touch air inside the unit. Watch out for the words "Inert", "Activated", "Forms a Chemical Weld" these are the dead give away it is a polymer!

But what about the little plastic bottles I'm beginning to see on the internet, aren't they the same as yours?

Second Warning:

These are the Johnny come lately copies of our Patented AC Stop Leak Plus!
Ones that look like liquid (red, yellow, etc) are mineral oil based and have zero solids (seal swellers type), or they contain powdered calcium or silicate solids that stick together and form large blobs of floating debris in a system. As you may be able to visualize, neither idea is good! They will either weaken rubber parts, have no effect at all, or the larger particles will clog the filters, orifices, capillary tubes and other parts of the AC System.

GWR's SLP is not like all the others that claim to seal A/C leaks...

We do not react to moisture and therefore do not need to come in a sealed, pressurized can like the others. It's interesting that those formulas are so volatile they sometimes even harden in the delivery tube attached to the can, while you're trying to install them. On the other hand, GWR's SLP will not clog installation equipment or the recycling machines needed to remove gasses from systems being serviced. Take a look at this picture and you will see why the products in pressurized cans are not only a problem for a recycling machine but also the system itself.

Don't let this happen to you recycling machine or worse, the vehicle itself.

This end view picture of a solenoid valve from an evacuation machine, really demonstrates the problem!
Notice the hardened particles of a typical polymer stop leak product. These granular particulate float around in the system until they attach to a part or get trapped in a filter or expansion valve. When that happens, system efficiency is reduced or even stopped. Worse, another repair is required to remove the bad sealer and the parts that have been damaged. Don't fall for the millions spent on marketing the polymer based products! They are sold by monster companies only interested in their bottom line... not yours.

Easily visible, hardened inferior stop leak product.

How GWR's SLP is different and why it works...

Three elements are necessary for GWR's Stop Leak Plus to work.... the Refrigerant, the system pressure and high velocity flow / movement. These actions are the "carrier" that deliver our unique proprietary Micro Particulate Solids to the point of a leak or leaks. When corrosion occurs small pin holes begins to open up in all systems, its just a matter of time. Whether pre-existing or even in the future, refrigerant and some oil escapes through those hole at a rapid rate of speed. This flow creates a spiraling venturi action that pulls in some of the Stop Leak Plus particulates that are circulating through the system. When our escaping molecules bombard the ragged edges of the hole they begin to attach to the area and each other, eventually forming a seal or patch. Of great importance, in contrast to competitors, our Stop Leak Plus particles were formulated to stay flexible and pliable after a seal is created. They will remain secure through years of on and off temperature cycles and vibrations in an HVAC system or automotive vehicle.

If we have not answered your questions so far , scroll down the page to our FAQ section. Additionally, please feel free to call and speak to a tech support person.

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